Living wreath - product details

Living wreath - product details
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Product Description

Our living wreaths are the most durable and versatile in the horticultural industry. You will find many copies of our products but none with as much attention to detail, functionality and quality for over 30 years in this product life. Photo on this page shows main important details of the Topiary Art Works Living Wreath.

One side of the wreath is designated as a "back" side. This side is where you will find three or four legs (depending on the size of the wreath)which serve as a operators from moisture sensitive surface. There you will also find short chain hanger for those applications where the wreath has to be hanging. It can be easily removed when not needed or simply ignored.

It is most important to make the wreath fully moist before planting!

If you have any questions please send us email all call us anytime.

We are professionals who make these wreaths and also plant them.

If you new to this craft - we will provide you with all necessary instructions to accomplish successful results.

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