Topiary Lion

Topiary Lion
Item# TLI8

Product Description

This 8' long, free standing lion will make your display always alive!

Heavy duty steel form, stuffed and covered with long fiber sphagnum moss.

Body planted with Ficus Repens (Creeping Fig). Mane planted with ornamental grasses.

Equipped with one pop-up sprinkler for gentle watering.

Cost includes shipping crate.


Note: See this topiary figure at Willowbrook Park Carousel, Eton Place & Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY.

Topiary Lion frame only - 96" long
Steel (cold roll) frame all joints welded by certified welder. Frame fully painted with acrylic paint - hunter green.

Powder coating at additional charge available.

Shipping charges additional.
Topiary Lion - frame stuffed with sphagnum moss and soil - 96" long
Topiary steel frame filled with sphagnum moss, soil less mix. Watering system installed.

No plants included.

Shipping charges additional.
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